By now, you’ve probably already figured out that we love motorsports- F1, NASCAR, Rallycross, you name it. But so far, it’s been a bunch of faceless people talking about their almost obsessive love for this sport. Let’s get to know each other by telling you a bit about ourselves.

  • Steve

Growing up, I loved cars, which I figure is almost what every young boy feels about these powerful machines. Don’t even get me started about cars because I could write for hours and still wouldn’t cover all I have to say. My love for cars went a bit beyond the chassis, engines and whatnots and even encompassed the speed. I remember sitting on our rooftop, binoculars in hand and watching the cars speed by on the highway. Every overtake and every speedup felt exciting. I could almost feel the drivers hitting the gas and enjoying every bump on the road and the feel of the air rushing past them. When I finally discovered motorsports, I could not believe I had lived 15 years without ever coming across this exciting take on cars. I spent hours watching the races and talked my friends’ ears off about who won, why I think they won, and other aspects of the events. I marked out the race dates on my calendar and took over the remote during the series, much to the chagrin of my family members. And when I finally had the chance to place a wager on the games, you can bet I happily did it and learned so many strategies along the way. I’m hoping to share these with you on this site.

abouts us

  • Mark

My brother started amateur drifting around the time I was 10, and he’s never stopped, even now, many years later. Back then, he would save up and get old cars which he would train on and drive the kids crazy in our neighborhood. The thrill of it got to me, and I could not wait to get my permit and hit the road like him and his friends. As I waited, I started training on go-karts and would save up my pocket money for a few rides each weekend. When I wasn’t watching my brother or racing go-karts with my friends, I was hidden in my room playing a racing video game. In my mind, I would grow up to be a professional race car driver. While that didn’t happen, I learned a lot about racing, enabling me to become a better-than-average punter. As we take some walks down memory lane and how motorsports have changed since then, we hope you will enjoy every bit of this journey. Roll the windows down, relax and step on that gas. It’s about to get interesting!