Did you know that motorsport racing cannot survive without sponsors and partners? This support means a great deal to the players, managers, and fans and is why this sport has grown so much over time.

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Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing, which competes under Red Bull Racing Honda, participates in Formula One. Between 2005 and 2006, it raced under a British license before transitioning to an Austrian license in 2007. As the name may have already hinted, this team is owned by Red Bull GmbH, alongside Scuderia Alpha Tauri. The team was formed in 2005 and has been under Christian Horner’s management since then. By the end of 2020, the team boasted of 64 race wins, 183 podiums, 63 pole positions, and 68 fastest laps. Furthermore, the team has never finished behind the top four in the Constructors’ Championship, making it an ideal partner for companies hoping to grow their brands.

Let’s look at some of its partnerships over the years:

First, we love motorsports. We would say obsessed but let’s keep it at love. After all, what’s not to love about this sport? It offers:

  • Energizer Holdings, Inc. (Armor All) – 2021
    This leading auto care products provider announced its multi-year partnership with the racing team to expand its international marketing and increase its brand awareness. It hopes that in supporting the team, it will also get to connect with new consumers. The team will also benefit by having their cars adequately prepared for the races ahead and having Armor All branding on the vehicles. Additionally, two drivers, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen, will wear Armor All gloves during races. The CMO at Energizer Holdings was elated about this move and talked about it being a momentous one for both the racing team and Armor All. The company hopes that this move will accelerate its expansion to other parts of the continent.
    Cloud infrastructure has come a long way and is now considered a norm for companies wishing to employ emerging technologies. ORACLE is one such cloud provider which has now partnered with Red Bull Racing to help the team leverage its machine learning and data analytics to help the team better manage its data. Plus, this will benefit both the team and the fans to understand better how the team is doing and give it an even bigger edge. Punters can also get in on this fantastic opportunity. Thanks to the high performance, security, and scalability evident in ORACLE, the Red Bull racing team is sure to bring more capabilities to the tracks. Also, off the tracks, this data analytics will help the Red Bull Technology Campus. Other partnerships include: Hummel- 2021, Theragun- 2021, Honda – 2021, Oura – 2020
  • Sponsorship
    Until the end of last season, the team had Aston Martin as its sponsor but has since moved on to Walmart, a global retail giant. With this new sponsorship, the team will feature Walmart branding on its cars and sell its merchandise through the retailer’s website.
  • Scuderia Alpha Tauri
    This team also falls under Red Bull, a thriving Austrian beverage company. It competes as Scuderia Alpha Tauri Honda in the Formula One racing series. It has its base in Faenza, Italy, and Graham Watson currently serves as the manager. The name Alpha Tauri relates to Red Bull’s fashion label, and the beverage company tries to leverage this naming to appeal to more consumers. However, the team has been competing for much longer and even has racing timelines that date back to the 1980s. Red Bull GmbH bought the team in 2006 and has owned it since then. Let’s look at some partnerships:
racing formula one


This sports streaming platform is a leader in its rights and has approached the team for a 2021 partnership. Part of the agreement lies in having Yuki Tsunoda acting as a brand ambassador in Japan to help the platform reach more people. It helps to note that Yuki is the first F1 racer born in the 21st century, and he thus brings in a new angle to reaching younger consumers.

Edifice Casio

This company hopes that in partnering with the young spirit in the team, it can create a new marketplace for its innovative technologies.

The company boasts of speed and intelligence in their watches, and by partnering with a team that offers the same, the blend will be a hit.

Other partnerships include:

  • myWorld
  • Honda
  • RDS
  • Siemens
  • Riedel
  • Pirelli
Red Bull also sponsors teams from other sporting events.